Story-style case studies

Case studies

Power up your business with a case study

Case studies are like a supercharged 5-star Google review for your business.

When you’re trying to connect with your target audience, the most powerful thing you can do is “pass the mic” and let your biggest fans explain what makes you special.

That’s what a case study does. Your audience gets to hear directly from your clients and service-users and read a compelling, shareable story about how you helped them.

What is a business or charity case study?

A business or charity case study is a real-life example of how you’ve supported a client or completed a project.

They’re typically based on the account of a client (e.g. “This company was excellent”) or use measurable outcomes (e.g. “The project was completed 15% under budget”). A good case study can help you:

  • Promote your organisation by spotlighting your services
  • Reassure potential clients by evidencing happy customers
  • Educate people about what you do – and why you do it best
  • Engage audiences on social media with interesting content from real people

And honestly, that’s just the start. Get in touch to chat about how case studies can help you connect with more clients and service-users.

What is a story-style case study and why are they so effective?

Story-style case studies are effective because people like to read about people.

My case study service involves interviewing your client to get the scoop on how you’ve helped them. I use their words and insight to write a persuasive and polished article which you can publish on your website, socials, and marketing materials.

We want to get as many eyes on your case study as possible, and keep them there. That’s why I write case studies that read like a good story, with a powerful opening “hook”, clear scene-setting, rising action, and (if I can wangle it!) even a little twist at the end.

Here’s a little something I wrote earlier…

What does the case study process involve for you?

Have you ever had to email a client to politely beg for a testimonial or Google review? If so, I want you to mentally wave “bye-bye” to that experience and get ready to read something that makes you think, “Blimey, are we really that good?”.

Yes. Yes, you are.

Here’s what you, as the client, will need to do:

  • Identify someone who’d make a good case study and get them onboard
  • attend a short virtual or telephone briefing meeting with me (if you’re a new client)
  • pass on the contact details of your case study volunteer to me
  • read the first draft and (ideally) weep with joy over the results!

From arranging the interview, to writing the piece, to securing sign-off with your case study volunteer, I manage the entire process.

Case studies for charities or sensitive subject matter

If your business, charity or organisation provides a service that’s sensitive or confidential in nature, you may have some concerns about spotlighting your clients or their stories.

As an experienced case study specialist, I use an emotionally sensitive, consent-led approach, prioritising the client or service-user’s dignity and autonomy.

I can include measures such as:

  • Pre-interview calls to go through the case study process and answer any questions
  • A shared/conference call interview, where the case study volunteer is joined by someone they trust
  • A consent form (subject to additional cost) allowing the client to dictate how and when their story is used
  • Use of a pseudonym for the published piece, and ensuring all details are as anonymous as possible.

I’m always happy to discuss the case study process and how I can accommodate people who may need additional safeguarding measures, so don’t hesitate to get in touch!