Blogging & ongoing content support

Blogging & ongoing content support

Ongoing content and marketing services

As organisations or businesses, we’re often told we need to be producing and sharing “content” – but does that actually mean?

Whether it’s in the form of a blog post or an email newsletter, “content” is how we reach out to and connect with our audience.

With my support, you can produce and share blog posts, newsletters, email journeys and more, designed to forge a strong connection with your customer base.

What kind of ongoing content marketing support do you need?

Depending on how and why you want to connect with your audience, there are any number of ways to reach out to them on an ongoing basis.

I can support you with:

  • Blogging – Monthly blog posts published to your organisation’s blog and, ideally, shared across your social networks.
  • Monthly email newsletters – Share news, updates, stories, case studies and other content to an existing mailing list.
  • Ongoing email campaigns – A series of emails designed to be shared in succession to support a marketing campaign or provide a service.
  • Long-form LinkedIn content – Longer, “mini-blog posts” you can share on LinkedIn weekly, monthly or any regular time frame.

This is just a quick overview and certainly isn’t an exhaustive list. Please get in touch to chat about your marketing and ongoing content needs, and we can explore solutions for you.

Collaborating with marketers, designers and communication managers

As an experienced content writer, I bloody love getting the chance to collaborate with a fellow creative brain to produce something fabulous for a client.

Whether you’re starting a brand-new project or you’re scoping out support for something ongoing, I’d be more than happy to discuss what you need and explore whether we’d be a good fit.

Whilst I’m happy working to a nailed-down brief, I’m also comfortable liaising directly with clients or stakeholders, conducting sector research, and managing a sign-off process.

Here’s a little something I wrote earlier…

How does ongoing content support your business?

When your clients or service-users read a blog post you’ve published, an email newsletter you’ve sent, or an article you’ve shared, you’re giving them the chance to fall under your spell.

Here’s how this can help you and your organisation:

Make your audience remember you

Content that adds value to a reader’s day boosts your profile with the people you’re marketing to.

Whether it’s a thought-provoking newsletter or an outright funny LinkedIn post, make sure you’re remembered for the right reasons.

Become a thought leader

Show potential clients that you’re a leader in the field, by carving out a reputation as an expert in your industry.

When you contribute to the wider conversation with a well-researched blog post, an audience of prospective collaborators will listen.

Boost SEO & rank on Google

Improve the SEO value of your website and capitalise on niche appeal.

While you may not rank for more generic keywords, a blog post targeting a particular market or community of potential clients will get more attention because it’s specific.

Cross-sell to existing customerbases

Remind people you exist! Capitalise on your existing client base with an email newsletter that’s useful to them.

Cross-sell by spotlighting new services or share some tips on how to make the most of the services they’ve already received.

By sharing your insights and providing something of value for readers to engage with, you’re not just capturing their attention, you’re earning their trust.

And folks buy from and support organisations they trust.