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About the client

Clavis & Claustra are an innovative, creative and, quite frankly, incredibly bad-ass independent stationery and gifts company based in Yorkshire.

As a purveyor of all things ardently feminist (of the intersectional variety), it’s no surprise to learn that the genius behind C&C is a queer woman with a love of history, sustainability, and defying condescending arseholes in elevators.

Daily social media content

When Cat Crossley (She/Her) approached me to looking for support her with creating daily content for C&C’s social media (SM) channels, I nearly bit her virtual arm off.

Cat was looking for social media content that was fun, informative, and didn’t take itself too seriously.

She was looking for a mixture of historical “fun fact” features, product promotion, personal snapshots, and seasonal/”on this day” style content.

Freeing up my client’s precious time

As an incredibly busy one-woman-band, Cat was looking forward to freeing up some headspace so she could work on new product lines and growing her business.

While Cat was staying involved in the content planning process, it’d be my responsibility to research, write, and source imagery for SM content being shared on C&C’s Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

How I made it happen

Cat and I began by putting our heads together and figuring out the best way to plan and organise Clavis & Claustra’s SM content.

A rolling two-week social media content strategy

Working around Cat’s existing priorities, we arranged to have a fortnightly virtual or telephone call in which we’d brainstorm content ideas for the next two weeks.

To effectively plan C&C’s SM content strategy, we’d collate relevant data like:

  • Launch dates for new products we could promote
  • Birthdays of famous feminist icons
  • Historical “on this day” anniversaries
  • Relevant trending stories in the current zeitgeist
  • Performance data for past posts
  • Insight into Cat’s personal/professional life that might resonate with followers.

Using this data, Cat and I would create the SM content strategy for an upcoming two-week period.

Writing social media content for Clavis & Claustra

Once I had the plan in place in our trusty shared Google Sheet, I would begin writing content for 14+ days of SM activity.

Some posts required more research than others. All I needed for plugging a C&C witch inspired greeting card, for example, was a link to the item in the online store and a sassy caption.

However, some posts, like the historically inclined Herstorian series, needed a little more research.

Many an hour was lost to a Wikipedia hole, as you can imagine…

A screenshot of two Facebook posted shared by Clavis & Claustra. The first is a Halloween post advertising a witch themed greeting card. The caption reads: “Don't forget to adjust your clocks for an extra hour of hexy times! Happy Halloween!!! Check out the new Toil & Trouble card series via the link in the bio.” The accompanying image is a photograph of a greetings card with a black border. Printed on the card is a medieval-style drawing/wood carving depicting a witch casting spells on demons, surrounded by other witches who are flying. The caption below reads “Hex Addict” in a Gothic white font. The card is resting against a brown envelope and is positioned between a gnarled branch and a black and gold fountain pen. The second Facebook post included in the screenshot reads: “This month the Herstorian Society will be supporting the organisation Imkaan. Every month, a percentage of the Herstorian Society Subscription Box membership goes directly to a charity or non-profit, in honour of the incredible women of history we feature. This month we’ve been celebrating the journalistic genius of civil rights leader Ida B Wells, who worked tirelessly to expose injustice levelled against Black people”. The post’s accompanying image is a black and white, head and shoulder photograph portrait of Ida B Wells. Ida is an older Black woman with dark skin and silvery black textured hair swept up into a neat up-do with a side part. She has deep brown eyes set far apart, strong eyebrows, a wide nose and lips that are tipped into a slight smile. Her head is turned to her left and she's looking out of frame, with a warm, slightly wry expression. She is wearing a dark collared shirt and a necklace of white pearls.⠀⠀

Writing for the client’s audience and Social media platforms

Alongside the research, I also wrote with C&C’s audience in mind. I encouraged engagement with questions and touched on topics that resonated with Cat’s followers, like feminist history, LGBTQ+ history, and everyday moments.

I was also adapting content for each SM platform, considering:

  • character count limitations for Twitter and caption cut-off limits for FB and IG
  • tactical hash-tagging, especially on Twitter where we had limited real estate
  • linking to relevant URLs and shortening URLs where possible.
A screenshot of Clavis & Claustra’s Instagram feed featuring 9 stories in a 3 by 3 grid. The images featured include black and white portraits of famous historical figures like Agatha Christie, a turquoise placement, a wooden chessboard, a card game, a T-shirt with green writing on it, a blue notepad, and a statue of a llama wearing a trilby hat.

Sourcing imagery and improving accessibility with captions

As part of my services, I sourced imagery for each post. This involved scouring the web for relevant photos of historical feminist heroines or grabbing product photography from the C&C website.

I also proposed that we include image alt text or in-post image descriptions. These descriptions allow people who use screens reader to understand and engage with the post’s image.

Unsurprisingly, Cat was all for improving her brand’s accessibility and providing a fairer browsing experience for all her customers.

I researched how to effectively write image descriptions and began including them in-text on FB and IG, and as alt-image text on Twitter.

A screenshot of a Clavis & Claustra Instagram post featuring Queen Soraya Tarzi. The caption reads: “She also had a vested interest in publishing, founding the first magazine for women called Ershad-I-Niswan (“Guidance for Women”). Image description for accessibility: A black and white portrait photograph of Queen Soraya Tarzi. Soraya is facing the camera but sitting at an angle. Soraya is a woman with light brown skin and dark hair, which she is wearing in short, pinned waves. Her expression is calm and her gaze is steady as she looks out beyond the camera. She is wearing lipstick, a tiara adorned with star motifs, a luxurious diamond necklace and dangling earrings, and an intricate, sleeveless dress decorated with embroidered flowers. #QueenSorayaTarzi #QueenSoraya #AfghanHistory #AfghanWomensHistory #Feminist #FeministHistory”. The accompanying image is described within the caption previously shared. The post was shared on 26 august 2021 and received 46 likes.
An example of an image description to improve accessibility.

Uploading social media content to Buffer

After working together for a short time, it became clear that uploading the signed-off content to Cat’s SM software manager of choice was taking up a lot of her time.

I proposed to take that particular task off her hands and began uploading signed-off content to the C&C Buffer account. I used this software to queue up images and written content, ready to be shared on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

A partnership powered by inspiration

I had the privilege of supporting Clavis & Claustra with daily social media content for just over 12 months.

Cat was incredibly pleased at the results of my support, especially considering it took place over 2021 and 2022, when many businesses were struggling to adapt to a post-lockdown market.

I was really pleased to receive some lovely feedback from Cat (scroll to check that out) and she even picked out one of her favourite posts I wrote, which you can see below.

A screenshot of a Clavis & Claustra Instagram post featuring a painting by Artemisia Gentileschi. The caption reads: “TFW you’re JUST trying to wash your pits without being creeped on by a pair of prize coglioni. Painted over 400 years ago by Artemisia Gentileschi, ‘Susannah and the Elders’ has an undoubtedly modern (or rather, timeless) vibe to it. It's that “Could I please go five minutes without being objectified and harassed for simply existing in this body?” moment. We feel you, Artemisia. Want your own Artemisia themed box of goodies through your letterbox? Sign up to the Herstorian Society at the link in the bio. Image description for accessibility: A baroque style oil painting of a nude white woman sitting on a stone bench with her back to a wall. She has a white cloth draped over one thigh, and she’s in the middle of bathing. Two white, bearded men are leaning over the wall and craning towards the woman, crowding her. The woman is recoiling from their intrusion, one arm thrown behind her and the other shielding her face. While her defensive body language reads as being afraid, her expression is a mixture of shock, frustration and fury.” The accompanying image is described within the caption previously shared. The post was shared on 10 June 2021 and received 44 likes.

I am so proud to have been a part of the C&C team and to have worked with Cat Crossley. The world is lucky to have her and all she creates; and I’m very lucky to call this effervescent entrepreneur a friend.

To check out my work on Clavis & Claustra’s social media channels, visit their Facebook, Instagram or Twitter page and browse posts from Feb to Nov 2021.

“Gen was instrumental in evolving my brand through the outstanding work they did on my social media.
Their lively and engaging content exceeded my expectations and they were both reliable and flexible to work with. I had only extremely positive feedback on their work from my customers, whose brand engagement rose measurably as a result, along with sales.
But more than this, Gen was simply a joy to work with. I would recommend them (and have done) to anyone.”
Cat Crossley, Clavis & Claustra

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